Floor protection paper

Brasta Nordic AB is a Swedish manufacturer of high-performing floor protection products, that can be used to protect any surfaces during a repairing process.

The products are 100% ecological

The products can be recycled

Can be made from FCS Certified paper

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Do you represent construction and building materials store chains? If so, Brasta Nordic AB has an offer for you. Try out our production for free to see if your customers like it! We offer you to test one of our Floor protection pallets for free. All you have to do is to choose one and we will deliver it to you.

You can pick one of these three pallets:
- Floor protection paper, 120 gsm 36 m²/rlr, 90 rlr/pall
- Milkboard Uncoated, 200 gsm 50 m²
/rlr, 40 rlr/pall
- Milkboard PE Coated 240-280 gsm, 75 m2 28 rlr/pall

Once you have received the pallet, you can test it out and see how your customers react. No obligations! If you notice that your customers are not interested, no need to worry. Brasta Nordic AB will take it back cost free.

Try and see for yourself!

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