The Green Course at “Brasta Nordic“

Sustainability is something we take particularly at heart within “Brasta Nordic”, therefore we have established a system and a set of tangible KPIs to empower green progress within our company. 

The green philosophy is at the core of our value-set: responsibility and respect towards people and nature merged with mastery in efficiency while enabling all resources and modernizing industrial processes. 

The measurement and daily tracking of our green metrics has been enabled by our partners - “Stena recycling”.

Green KPIs:

Objective: 100% savings on CO2 emission      
Result achieved in ½ 2022: 97,8% savings on CO2 emission 

Objective: 100% production recycled      
Result achieved in ½ 2022: 100% production recycled

Objective: equivalent of 144 trees saved per year
Objective achieved in ½ 2022: 82 [to be updated] trees saved per year

As a team we commit ourselves to literally plant any remaining number of trees, in case this objective is not met. 

A balanced workplace

While growing “Brasta Nordic“ as a company, we strive to ensure that this is a feel-good, open and balanced workplace, where the culture of trust, respect and care is being nurtured on daily basis. We take a very human approach to work and life balance, and have set up a working environment that enables that.    

Having started as a family business back in 1996, our loyal core team still takes matters personally in the best sense of this term: we address challenges and celebrate victories as a team, even if it‘s just a basketball game from time to time.     

Our employees are our culture and caring for them is strengthening our Culture.